We Do It All


We are committed to providing the highest quality of personal customer service to meet our customers' construction needs and concerns. 

Here at Stetson Builders, we build homes and structures that will last for generations to come. 

Bringing construction expertise to everyone.

Regardless of whether you want a small addition to your home or want to build a multi-million dollar structure, our seasoned professionals will take the time to help you understand the steps of the construction process and help you with every detail concerning your project. The care that goes into each and every home or building we construct is something you won't find from any of our competition.



General Contracting

We contract labor so that you don't have to. All our subcontractors are insured and handled by us. Our licensed contractors inspect the work and handle all billing. Call our office and we'll take care of you. 

Project Planning

We customize projects just for you. If you are interested in building, remodeling, or adding onto your home, we can create a layout to fit your needs. Our contractors can meet with you to provide suggestions and expertise for your project. 

On-Site Management

Our contractors manage the project closely by inspecting the work each step of the way to ensure everything is carried out and executed as you envisioned. You will never need to worry about the process- we've got it!

Budgeting & Estimating

We can help you plan a project that will fit your budget. We provide custom estimates based on the materials of your choosing and show you ways to save on building your home or business. 

Resource Management

Using our detailed project plan and estimate, our contractors will order the materials necessary and create a schedule to ensure your project is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We strive for quality- with little inconvenience to you!

Custom Homes & Commercial Buildings

We build custom homes and commercial buildings from designs drawn by us or those provided by you. We don't do standard- everything is tailored to your needs. 

Additions, Remodels, & Repairs

In addition to "turn-key" homes and buildings, we do additions, remodels, and repairs to homes and businesses, large or small.